Whispers of Angels

Last night I settled down with my new guided meditation CD. I had never before used one of these. My last week had been at best highly emotional and I could not get settled down in any kind of meditative state despite my usual techniques and background accompaniments. As the CD started the music was beautiful and then the voice came on, equally soothing. Things started slowly and suddenly I realized the subject of God had come up. At first I bristled and had trouble relaxing wondering what more was to come. This had not been on the description of the CD, and pagan that I am I was not particularly pleased. However, desperation overrode my displeasure, and I decided to give it a go. Without a doubt it was quite different from my other meditations that have their own set of visuals and experiences. This was guided and I was given the ideas from another. As it turns out God played a very mild part in this and angels or any guide you chose to use were much more prominent. It was an intensely emotional experience, one which allowed me to see and reflect on things I had not chosen, or not been able to visit in past meditative attempts. For the first time I was able to visualize myself without great effort. The rest of what I saw was beyond any expectations and something I had been asking for clarification on for quite some time. Suffice it to say if you find yourself drawn to someone who does not feel like a stranger to you, there might be a reason. This visual was intensely joyful and I cannot begin to tell anyone what it has given me. I hope to revisit this “window” again soon. After it was all done, I was reminded that love and peace cross over all things, and we all may see something different on the journey to find it. The journey and what we discover on it is far more important than how we get there, but if you listen, you may hear the whispers of angels waiting to take you by the hand.

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