Dancing on beams of moonlight my senses take flight, floating away. Quietly I rest clearing my mind drifting as I take myself to my tree by the lake. Sitting in its chair made of roots, I feel the breeze as it blows over me. Further I drift, seeing silver shimmering, pushing out over the water. It is beautiful sparkling like a million jewels, and the peace that has been so fleeting settles over me like a soft blanket with comfort and warmth. So many things I see as I drift in this space, a path, strewn with petals, bare feet walk this path. Are they mine? I cannot see, only the feet walking Someone is waiting at the end of that path, but it is not my fortune, at least this night, to know more.
The journey passes by me, shadows incomplete, without answers to the questions that I have.
Perhaps one day I will travel back to this place and find the missing pieces of the picture.
For now I will content myself with what I have been given. There will be more journeys, of this I am sure. I have seen many things, bits and pieces on other journeys, and now moonlight streams through my window, waiting for the next dance.

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