Goodbye and Hello Again

Yesterday I experienced something that I have never experienced before. I was quite ill with the current bug that is being passed around and a feeling of very deep and profound peace came over me. I cannot describe it to anyone but can only say it felt as if something was about to happen something major, something very life altering or even life ending if you will. At that time I posted a note because I wanted to know I had said goodbye to you, if indeed the feeling I was getting was correct. The feeling was so strong, in fact, that I wrote notes to my children as well. It was not frightening or distressing at all, only peaceful. I had planned to go to bed at the time because I felt so terrible. As it turns out I did not get to bed like I had planned and never did meditate while I had this feeling. I was a bit disappointed at missing the chance at meditation as who knows what I might have experienced, as I clearly misinterpreted the message I was given. Chalk it up to the fever. The feeling passed later in the evening and I spent the rest of the night in a very typical miserable state of one who has a cold. So here I am again, red nose and all. Who knows what was happening yesterday or what may happen tomorrow, I only know that something or someone was there with a message and I can only hope if they return to be better able to hear it next time.

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