The Consequences of Being Tardy

Today for the very first time, I embarrassed my son, I mean really embarrassed him. This would be my 13year old who still, oddly enough, likes to be seen in public with me.
Let me start by saying he takes foot dragging to new heights, and has missed the bus three times this week. Today he was tying his shoes when it was time to be at the corner. As he was going out the door, we heard the bus pulling away. I ran down the walk shouting, trying to get the attention of the driver, to no avail.
At dinner tonight, my son described what I sounded like, coupled with what I looked like at the moment. He said he was horrified to think that the driver might actually hear me and stop, and he would have to board the bus with everyone on board knowing that yes, that crazy woman in the bath robe was his mother.
Ok, it was early, and I have been sick, so my hair was up in a sloppy ponytail, I had on a very very ugly(hot pink and orange) ethnic outfit that had been assigned to the pajama drawer, and yes, the big bulky bathrobe. I had no makeup on, but hey as I say, it was early and no one on the bus could see that far could they?
My sons’ description of the event was nothing short of hilarious, and I have to admit if the man of my dreams had been sitting outside in a car waiting to meet me, I would, no doubt, never have recovered from the embarrassment. I am not a dressy person and am very comfortable with myself, but this was one big fashion don’t. So now that my son has graduated to the “please mom stay inside” stage, I believe I will take more care in the future, or if he keeps dragging his feet, perhaps I have found the solution.

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