Under The Night Sky

here is nothing, as far as I’m concerned, that compares with sitting down by the lake. It clears the head, renews the soul and makes all things right again.

Tonight I am stretched out on the dock. The brightness of the full moon shining down on me, helps me to see, and fills me with a contrasting energy and peace that is indescribable. It reflects over the lake, its’ light sparkling like fireflies on the surface. The stars line the sky, and I wonder who has been here before me, and who will come after. Did those who came before, sit here too, under the moon and stars, and marvel and its beauty. Did the quiet of the water and the gentle night breeze speak to them as well. Are they here, now, watching with me.

Night is a beautiful time filled with a quiet beauty, peaceful, knowing. If you listen closely who knows what mysteries will unfold. So now I will go back to my night sky and wait, listening in the stillness, for those mysteries to reveal themselves to me.

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