Thoughts on a Gloomy Tuesday

Here is it Tuesday already, gloomy outside not inside. The skies are gray, but still we are not being hit by the latest winter storm, at least not yet. This is typical weather for the first week in April and then things tend to warm up rather dramatically. We predict storms here in Minnesota by hockey tournaments, and the NCAA Frozen Four is this weekend. It seemed at first we were going to break with tradition, but the weather forecast has said otherwise. Of course we are not playing in that tournament, but given our performance a week ago, it does not surprise me.

I’m having my first cup of coffee while I mentally gear up for my sons sleep over. He’s having his birthday early since he is out of school on spring break this week. As I was picking up the house last night, I had to wonder, why is it we always pick up right before a group of boys comes to stay? It never pays off. The cake is my next task and then I’m pretty much done.

Last night I ordered some candy and ice cream and multiple filling foods. These are all teenage boys, just entering growth spurts, who can eat you out of house and home in under ten minutes. They also have unbridled energy. I’m hoping I get some sleep tonight but I’m not counting on it. I’ve learned with four boys under one roof you must always keep one eye open. The dog will be in her glory tonight, as she loves it when his friends come over, not only to play, but because it gives her better odds when it comes to stealing food. I’m thinking we will need to call them all back and have them bring their winter gear now, as I just read the weather report. Thank goodness for the guys next door, and my daughters boyfriend, who do all the shoveling. Yes, my daughters boyfriend is a catch and quite frankly I cannot imagine a better son in law for the future, except for my grown sons partner who is also wonderful.

Apparently now I have a weather knee/leg. My injured leg is absolutely throbbing today and I’m hoping this will be temporary until it completes the healing process. It makes me feel old to have weather joints.

Well, I’m off now for more coffee, to bake a cake, and wait for the coming snow to start.


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