The Path By The Lake

It seems my writing is still going slowly. The quiet space is still there though it has been disrupted by the events of the week. Now exhaustion has taken over and what thoughts I have are jumbled. Sometimes when I’m really tired, my mind clears and I can have great visuals and thoughts. Today, however, I just want to sleep, to bask in the quiet stillness and float away.

There is a strange peace that I have now, and I accept the quiet,  as I feel it is just the beginning. Contentment comes with it now, and it is almost as if I hear something saying “wait, just a little while.” While there is still the uncertainty of what it is I am waiting for, an anticipation stirs in me and I can’t explain it.

So I think I’ll just go and rest and drift off. Who knows what I might see while drifting. Maybe nothing, or maybe I’ll travel farther down the path I see, when I close my eyes. It’s a lake, though not my lake, and it is surrounded by trees with a path that growns dark as I travel it. There is a part of the lake way beyond where I am, that pushes out, almost like an island. It seems I need to reach this place, to find out what is there. Maybe today, who knows.

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