Dreams and Memories

Last week, in the midst of all of the sleepover chaos for my son, I had a crazy dream. It was time for work and as I pulled up to the office, I realized that I had my dog Daisy in the car with me. It was quite cold outside, in reality and the dream, and I knew I couldn’t leave her in the car.

As I opened the car door, she ran out and took off running. She ran all around the grounds of a local upscale mini mall, where my salon is located. Apparently work was there as well. As I looked around for her, there were dogs everywhere. I can only imagine this must have been the boys running around my house. As I was desperate and needed to get to work, I called my mother to come and fetch the dog.

My mother would have been the last person on earth to come fetch a dog. It wasn’t that she didn’t like them, but she was nervous around them as she got older. Nevertheless, I clearly needed my mother and after eleven years of her absence that need still makes itself known.

My mother was not an openly affectionate person. Still, she did the best she could, and channeled her affection into other things that I now appreciate when I look back. I miss the sound of her voice and sharing things with her. I wish she could see my children now, the two grown and the one she knew as a toddler. I see her in my first two children, both in looks and mannerisms.

So perhaps I will dream of her again soon, and maybe this time, instead of chasing after the dog, we can find some time for a visit.

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