Thoughts on a Night Sky

Tonight is beautiful. It’s clear, and at two in the morning, it’s still pretty nice outside. I was just out with the dog, as I can’t sleep. The sky is filled with stars, and it looks so magical.

My deck faces away from where I was with the dog, so I don’t know what the view will be from there, but I’m thinking I might pull a chair outside, admire the view and write down the soulful thoughts that are keeping me awake.

There’s nothing like a starry night to remind you of all the magic and mystery in the world, and sometimes sitting under them can put everything in perspective. There are nights that I am so full of thoughts, that my senses are overwhelmed, and I just need to put it all down. Tonight is one of those nights.

How many people are sitting under the stars right now, and what are they thinking about? Only the stars know, they know many of my secrets, and they will never tell.

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