Tonight the Fairies Ride

Mabon is always an interesting time of year for me, filled with connections and energy. I treasure those connections but my efforts to celebrate this day always seemed filled with one thing or another.  The energy of the seasons change coupled with that of the new moon has been intense. Along with that I have spent the past days struggling with being intolerably hot alternating with feeling chilly.  This lead to vivid often terrifying dreams, ones I have chosen to try and put behind me rather than sort out.  This write had a much more graceful flow to it a day or so ago when I should have written it.

Originally I had hoped to celebrate Monday night. I got the living room in order, in case things needed to move inside from the deck. Along with this, my son and I cleaned the mouse huts.  My son chose to rearrange things for them a bit, as we have many extra pieces to their snap together homes. After all was done and the vacuuming complete, we settled down to relax and I decided a nap was in order.  This brought more vivid dreams but I awakened after an hour.  As I sat up dusting off my dreams, there was a crash of plastic from the other room. My son and scrambled to the room to find the one extension of the hut on the ground with a mouse in the mouth of my one of three cats.  It was the big plump mouse, a good choice if one was a cat.  He quickly dropped  her having been bitten I think, and then the task was to recapture the two who had been in the now tumbled enclosure and get them to safety.  My daughter and her beau herded the cat into her room and kept all three under lock and key.  The little mice were huddled together in fright so I scooped them up quickly to move them to their cage. Let me back up and say these two mice will not let me pick them up or hold them in any way.  Within seconds the mouse who had been captive reached her head out of my fingers and leveled a bite that made me howl, letting go of the other mouse who scrambled away. She continued to level bites in her terror while I ran for her cage.

Once the biter was secured we began our hunt for the little black mouse. We were concerned as my son thought she had gone into my room.  I did not know how we would ever find her there. The dog was our savior and she stood watching a case holding a model airplane. I walked over the find the other mouse huddled behind it. She was captured quickly and returned to her hut. At this point my son rearranged once again, thinking things were secure.  We settled in with books trying to relax.  Not one hour later we were greeted with another crash.  This time all was safe and we removed the extensions from the hut.  We concluded that the cat had been standing on the extension and once it came loose the first time, he had learned a dangerous new skill.  The prospect of what he almost had has been driving him to much mischief this week and we now have the squirt gun ready to go if needed. He cannot do harm at this point as there is nothing he can weigh down to break off but he can dream.

After all was settled, I spent the next twenty four hours nursing my version of a migraine, dizziness and fatigue, and nursing the two matching red marks on each forefinger. Hopefully tonight, though a day late, I can finally do something to honor the change of seasons.  The dreams of the past two days have calmed and the birds are serenading me while I sip my coffee.  I think today is the right one to drift with all things mystical and beautiful.

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