Thoughts on Beltane

Today is the beginning of Beltane, actually midnight was truly the beginning. It is May 1st, a glorious day with sunshine and perfect weather.

Last night I spent the wee hours celebrating. The room was beautiful, candles everywhere in all colors, flowers on the tables and petals on the floor to mark the boundaries of the circle. We had flower wreaths for our hair as was part of our celebration. The words that I chose to use were beautiful, tweaked a bit to suit my own personal feelings. My delivery was probably not as magnificent as the room, but I have difficulty with this when I am not alone. Much of what I do when I am alone does not involve speaking aloud, but is done with the words in my head and heart. Still the energy in the room was very high and it was a mystical magical time for all. The nights thundershowers cleared before we began, and the full moon was shining down on us, bright and beautiful.

After all was done, I came home, filled with the energy I always have after these things. I went to bed, and when I closed my eyes, I could see and feel myself floating over the land, the moons beams casting an aura around me. Often, I have trouble sleeping after these celebrations, but I finally drifted off, the thoughts of someone who has my heart, surrounding me.

Tonight I plan to celebrate quietly, alone, as I always do after the first celebration. I do my best work alone, even though I enjoy celebrating with others as well. I will sit out under the moon and stars, with maybe a candle or two, and welcome the beginning of summer. Perhaps the faery folk of the old stories will join me, though I suspect they would watch from the shelter of the wooded hills behind my home, appearing perhaps as quick lights like a firefly on a summer night. There will be no bonfires for me, but I will have the moon and stars to light my way as I walk this mystical path in the gentle quiet of the night.


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