Twilight Calm

Last night, right before sunset I went for a walk with Peter. Yes I stayed home from work, as I felt he needed me more than work did, and quite frankly, I was totally exhausted.

We decided to take a back trail through this meadow/wooded area as it was not dark yet. The dog always wants to go this way, but when it is dark we hesitate. Suddenly she stopped and her tail went straight up like hounds do when on the hunt. Four deer walked across the trail right in front of us, three doe and a fawn. It was breathtaking. We stopped and looked at each other for the longest time.  I’m surprised we didn’t have to carry the dog back home, as it was the first time she had seen one ever. Of course we didn’t have the camera.

It’s amazing how something so beautiful can put everything in perspective.  It gave me a quiet peaceful moment that I needed so badly with my son.  He told me this is where he goes  when he wants to be alone.  He has always been in tune with nature. I hope we have more moments like these, so I can remember the sweet boy he can be.


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