The Dream

The other day, I was reading someones dream entry on their blog. I promised at the time, that  I would post one of mine.  This is actually more of a meditation, one of the vivid ones I have had.  My dreams are in short supply as is my sleep.  So, here you are.

As I drift away, I find myself by the ocean, walking along through the sand. I can feel it under my feet and the water washing up over them.  Then I climb up on rocks and look out  over the ocean. The rocks are damp from the splashing of the waves, and I can feel it under me.   What am I looking at, am I looking for someone? It doesn’t matter this time, as I love the water and the peace it brings me. There is always something here that draws me back.  Then I leave the ocean, why I don’t know. The sound of the waves echo behind me and yet I find myself walking through trees, nothing but trees.  I can feel the roughness of the bark on my hands as they brush against the trunks.  There are birds singing and the rustle of the breeze through the leaves.

Now I reach a clearing of sorts.  There is a cottage, at least I suppose that’s what I would call it, at the risk of sounding quaint.  Outside the cottage stands a woman with long golden hair,  in a blue and white gown.  As I reach her, she takes me by the hand and we go into the cottage.  We travel down a staircase. It’s dark and there isn’t much to be seen, but there is no fear, just stillness.  We travel back outside into another clearing.  Four women wait and take me by the hand.  They take me into a nearby creek. I don’t remember feeling the water or having any fear, though I am normally terrified of drowning.  When we come back out, I look down and I am the woman in the blue and white gown.  As I stand there,  I am joined by a man who has a  connection to me I cannot explain.

This is as far as the dream travels.  The cottage from that dream is always present when I meditate, almost always a starting point.  The man from the dream is there as well, standing to the side.  I am told that this dream signifies rebirth, a very believable interpretation.  I just remember it being very peaceful and filled with love.

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