Portrait of a Past

One of the hardest topics to accept and to discuss is anything about past lives. It seems to me, while the topic fascinates many and probably secretly intrigues more, it is still viewed as nonsense, and we are trained from an early age to dismiss anything we may see beyond the normal day to day of our lives.

Even when you find friends that you can discuss this with, they may appear to “get it,” but you can tell, deep down, they really don’t. My friends are terribly supportive and if I didn’t have them to talk with about this, I think I would have gone off the deep end before now. Perhaps our skepticism also comes from a world filled with charlatans exploiting topics such as this, feeding off those who perhaps have actually seen but have been dismissed by everyone around them. They are left to fall into the hands of someone who will invalidate further through dishonesty, those subtle pictures, memories if you will that they have been allowed to see.
For me, this has been a new journey, one that started in August of this year, and actually now I realize, probably sooner. I won’t get into detail here as I am terribly cautious about discussing this. However, I have found, through the small things I have revealed, that there are many more out there like me, who have had powerful glimpses from someone or something past.
At one point, I was struggling with meditation and so purchased a guided meditation CD. The very first time I used it was an experience unlike any other since. My mind was cleared, something I struggle with, and for the first time, I could really visualize myself as a child and going forward. As I progressed through the cd I got to the point where you can ask your “spirit guides” to see something or help you with someone. Up to now I have only spoken of this to two others.  There is someone in this life that I have a powerful connection with. I cannot explain it but to say it is the most powerful thing I have ever felt.
I had struggled up to that point to deal with it, wondering if I was some kind of nutcase obsessing about a stranger, though this person never has felt like a stranger to me. I had tried many times to meditate and find out more with no success.
So, I begged the guides to show me something and I found myself standing in a yard, with this person, and there was a small child running around us. We were laughing and very clearly together. The child appeared to be ours. Needless to say I was overcome with this picture I was given, though it was brief. Being the person that I am, I doubted myself, but continued to be able to go back to this place at times, when I would use this CD. Since that time, I have seen a house and I am assuming it was ours. All things I have asked have pointed to that conclusion. I no longer need the meditation to see these pictures but hope sometime I will be given more. My friends and I have explored this further and have come up with a few details and I’m hoping they are accurate. All I can do in a situation like this is trust what I have been given and believe me, that’s easier said than done. The connection with this person grows stronger over time and some days is a bit of a double-edged sword. When you watch part of your past from a distance, it is not easy, but so it is and will be, I think, for me in this life.
This is my story, one I have carried in my heart alone but for my two friends, for many months. Now I have put it here for your consideration. If I am fortunate enough to see more, I will share it with you, if you wish, going forward.


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