Fairy Land

Earlier today when I went out for my walk, I decided to take the path into the meadow. Peter had shown me this path another evening when we saw the deer. I had wanted to see it when the sun was out and the weather was perfect.
As I started down the path, it was like walking into a different world. The trees and shrubs arched over the path creating an arbor like hideaway, an entrance to something mystical. I walked further and felt totally separated from the outside world, though it was but a few steps away. The path was lined with pale pink violet wildflowers that resembled wild-roses, along with blue and yellow flowers as well. As I reached an opening in the trees, I looked out onto a field of cattails in what turned out to be more of a marsh than a meadow. The sun was shining down over the field and peeking out from the shadows made it breathtaking. Of course, I didn’t have a camera. As I walked further down the path, the trees became more dense and a deeper green world surrounded me. I almost expected the fairy folk to emerge and take me away.
I wanted to stay down there for hours and just sit and see what I might discover. There are birds of every kind, deer, and many other things in this place. It is clear why my son goes there for a hideaway. Perhaps later this week I will take my journal down there and just sit. Who knows what messages might come to me, in this secret world, whispered through the trees, carried by the gentle breeze.

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