A Night of Peaceful Repose

Last night, I got together with friends for an evening with the dark moon.  I was not sure how I felt about it, prior to going, and as the day had progressed I became increasingly whiny. I was not feeling particularly well, and didn’t know how my body was going to tolerate another night of energizing.

As I arrived at the party room, the ill feelings left me almost immediately. There was a sense of peace in that room, one I cannot begin to describe. I called the circle and all I can say is the Goddess must have heard what was in my heart.  We had a strong presence in that room, one that filled it with goodness and tranquility for me.  One such presence, chose to be with me through the entire evening.

We did some meditation while in the circle and that too was very restful. What I saw during that time was unexpected but wonderful, leaving me choking back tears at the time. My son was there and each time he comes, he feels things more. He and I are going to start working on his visualization, as it is something he hasn’t done before.

I’m still in a very peaceful wonderful place today. Things are so calm I cannot begin to tell you how I feel. I have spoken to friends who say my energy reached them last night, even though I wasn’t doing a specific working. I refused to do any workings last night and I think that was the key. Sometimes you just have to sit back, put all the tools away and just acknowledge the presence of something beautiful that is given to you for that moment. This is something I had forgotten along the way.

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