Crystal Visions

As you drift away in the quiet of night
your dreams carry you to beautiful places,
a place where your mind rests quietfrom the day.
Your eyes open, but only in dreams
to the mysteries that walk by your side.
You look up and see her,the lady in the blue gown
walking slowly towards you
the rustling of her gown silent.
Her face is gentle as she looks upon you
and you see in her hand a crystal
illuminating the room with soft color.
She stops now and sets it by your side.
and soft green light surrounds you
Waiting a moment she touches your face
and though she speaks no words
You know from the touch of her hand
that all will be well.
As she turns and drifts from the room
her image rests inside you,
and though you wake from the dream
a memory, though distant, of this night
with be will you always.

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