Midsummer is almost here and still I have no idea what I’m going to do. I suspect it will be something quiet and personal, done outside on the summer day.  I was strolling through blogs today and one of my friends had a passage from Shakespeare posted.  It’s from  “A Midsummer Nights Dream”.  I’m posting here because I enjoyed it and thought you might enjoy it too.  It took me many years to appreciate Shakespeare after having it flogged to death in high school.  It seemed those teachers always knew what he was trying to say and wanted you to agree.  It seems to me if writing is to be appreciated the reader must be left to interpret it as it speaks to them, not forced to hear it through another.  But enough of my thoughts on that issue.

Now, until the break of day,
Through this house each fairy stray.
To the best bride-bed will we,
Which by us shall blessed be;
And the issue there create
Ever shall be fortunate.
So shall all the couples three
Ever true in loving be;
And the blots of Nature’s hand
Shall not in their issue stand;
Never mole, hare lip, nor scar,
Nor mark prodigious, such as are
Despised in nativity,
Shall upon their children be.
With this field-dew consecrate,
Every fairy take his gait;
And each several chamber bless,
Through this palace, with sweet peace;
And the owner of it blest
Ever shall in safety rest.
Trip away; make no stay;
Meet me all by break of day.



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