The Voice of Dreams

Dreams are such an interesting topic. I have always had the ability to dream vividly since I was a child. It was almost like going to the cinema. I had all kinds of dreams, silly, frightening and dreams where I was living out my fantasies. These dreams continued into adulthood and I have to admit my sleeping life was pretty entertaining.

For many years I had dreams of having babies and being pregnant. I liked the whole process and it made sense after I was done having them, that these dreams might continue for a bit, filling a hole that I must have felt. Another dream I had was travel. I would be at the airport ready to go someplace and would always wake up before I got to leave. This pretty much sums up the extent of my travel over the years. There was one frightening dream that I had repeatedly over the last few years. It would only come every so often, but it was the same every time. We would move to a big house quite beautiful inside. It was open and spacious, all hardwood floors and just very nice. To the side there was a staircase leading to the upper levels. In this dream I would always be going up these stairs to a hidden attic space. Here I would hide because someone was coming to kill me. The dream was terrifying but I would always wake up before they found me.

The other day it occurred to me that I have not had the travel dream that ends, or the dream of hiding in the attic. I don’t know what made me think of this, but they are both gone. I know that there is something with me that wasn’t with me before, and there is a person in this life who makes me feel safe like no one else ever has before. This person has never felt like a stranger to me and has been in my dreams and meditations as well.

Dreams have been eluding me for some time and now they are in full swing again. They are starting to become vivid and soon I’m sure I will remember them more and more. Now these dreams seem to be more meaningful to me, and when I look back on them, they are coming together and making a bit of sense. The fact that I’m dreaming of babies again is a bit alarming but they have been pleasant dreams.

Dreams can take us on many journeys, and can be a part of the journey from our waking hours. They can reveal many things if we just take the time to look at them. There is a writer on my blogroll. The title of his blog is “Reality is Dreaming”. Perhaps dreaming is reality as well.

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