Full Moon Thoughts

My mother was right when she said time goes faster as you get older. I find it flies by me these days. The days turn into months and the months into years. We move from season to season with the speed of light. The faster it moves, the more I try to grasp at it. Perhaps this is what triggers so many to reevaluate there lives, and the path they are taking.

Now with the full moon once again approaching, it seems I will be doing something quiet and by myself. Sometimes it is difficult to put things together and maybe it is for a reason. Maybe we need to be alone at times to just sit and listen. Since the last dark moon I still find myself in a new place. This place is one of growth. The way has been cleared for me to move further, heal further, explore and discover more. It’s time for me to move closer to the things I have found since my journey began.

Some will travel with me down this road and some will turn and find their own way. We all experience things differently. We cannot feel what another feels, we can only feel what is deep inside us. We can walk down the same path, but our journey down that path will still be unique. What I will find as I continue my journey, I do not know. I only know that certain things are calling me home. If you cannot travel with me, then be happy for me as I make my way down the path of life.

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