Crossing Paths

As we travel down this road we meet people in various places, many of them on-line, at least these days. Some of them we wish we’d never met, some are fun and some make us think. Some of them fill us with inspiration with their very words and some, well some just seem like they were placed on our path for a reason. These are the ones that we link with almost instantly, the ones who we either “know” as those who travel our path, or that serve as messengers to help us find the way.

When we find these people it may take a bit before it dawns on us what we have and why. Suddenly we look up and we see things differently because of them, or perhaps clearly for the first time. Perhaps they serve to carry the messages to us that we cannot hear because we are clouded by the emotions of our heart.

Last night I realized that I was speaking not only with a friend from across the ocean, but my messenger,one who hears the things I cannot. Crossing paths with another has brought me to a new place where the uncertainties that fill me have settled and moved me to a place of peace.


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