Quiet Night

It’s amazing how simple things become when we find ourselves out under the stars. Things become clear and all the worries of the day fall away. Tonight I went out for a late night walk with my son and the dog. It was so still, slightly cool, a perfect night. There were fireflies in the bushes along the way, and the songs of the night filled the air.

The moon being dark, brings a certain mystical sense to things, at least for me. I’ve found I am in sync with the dark moon, and at this time my energy and connections are very strong.

We walked down the main path tonight enjoying the night air and gazing at the stars that filled up the night sky. As we came to the secret path, one I have traveled during the day, we thought about walking it. We had two flashlights to light the way but passed at the last minute. I had visions of ending a perfect night face to face with le skunk, which has been seen hanging around the area. Still it was a beautiful walk without the path, and I will venture onto it tomorrow in the light of day.

As we turned away from where the path comes back to the road, I felt a pull. Looking back it was almost as if something whispered my name, something waiting for me to come and join in. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go down the path to where the trees form a shelter, one that looks almost like a fairy ring. Perhaps whatever I felt tonight will be waiting.



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