Thoughts for This Afternoon

Last night I decided to enter one of my blogs in a contest, the prize being to get paid for blogging for a year. I thought about it a little as it was my Love Letters blog. My feeling was that no one would really want to pay someone to write the things I do on that blog, but you can never tell.

Enter I did, posting the widget and a post explaining what I was doing. As I thought about it during the night and today it felt increasingly off. I heard from a reader who echoed some of my feelings on the matter. The post came down along with the widget and I decided to let it alone. Still I have to wonder as a writer, I would want to be published and paid for what I do, even though the writing would be a part of me. Why would my blog be any different. It doesn’t make my love any less real but in fact would create a perhaps an opportunity to get it out there where it would last, a memory of a love so strong.

Now I find myself torn and reminded that if we don’t reach for opportunities, how will they ever find us.

One thought on “Thoughts for This Afternoon

  1. If you love words, you should share them with the world. You already do that with your blog and you do it well. Being paid for your thoughts doesn’t make the words less beautiful.

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