Rockin’ Girl, Who Me?


Today I opened up my blog and found that I had been tagged with a Rockin’ Girl Award. Who me, a rockin’ girl? Thank you Danielle for this recognition, and reminder that hey, I guess I still rock.

 The first time I was told I rocked, was by one of the bloggers on my list. He is the same age as my youngest son and the compliment couldn’t have been a bigger one let me tell you.I thoroughly enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts and experiences of my journey and I’m glad to have you all stop by and share in them.

 When I started this I never thought about anyone wanting to read it, I just wanted a place to put the words that needed to find a home. This experience has fueled the fire under me to go forward and try my hand at other avenues of writing, while, of course, still maintaining my shared journey here.

There will be nominations from me forthcoming, but as in all things, I have to think about whom that will be. There are so many women out there who rock in so many ways.

One thought on “Rockin’ Girl, Who Me?

  1. I like your blog, I think it rocks, otherwise I wouldn’t read it now and again. I don’t normally read in general though and would never really think of myself as a writer so the whole blogging thing isn’t me… I just sometimes feel the need to release thoughts in a different way now and again, and it is fast becoming a less frequent need, resulting in less and less people actually relating to my random posts every day now. To be honest, I don’t care who loves it or hates it 😛

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