New Turns

The last few days I’ve been rather quiet here, my words lost in a whirlwind of thought. Ideas have come and gone and some are just sitting waiting to be woven into something I can post and share.

My thoughts have been caught up in anticpation of travel. This would be an important trip for me, one to a place that has been calling me since I was a child. Perhaps it will be no more than a journey to a place that has always interested me. Still there has always been a  pull, one that makes me feel there is more, something that perhaps will open new doors for me. This will not happen for some time yet, and I am still working out the details. It’s all been a bit overwhelming and has been taking a great deal of my time, energy and thought.

The full moon is fast arriving and I’m hoping to have some time to enjoy it, as I really need to get back to myself in this way. This is the first full moon arriving, since the blue moon in May that I have not been filled with chaotic energy. It seems even though I am feeling overwhelmed with planning and details, deep inside me there is a sense that everything is where it should be.

It is my hope when I do travel, to keep a running journal of my experiences, one that I can either share as I go along, or when I return. Until then I will try to get my head around things sharing my experiences, not only with planning, but with those forces around me that appear to be taking me on yet another turn in the road.

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