The other day I was reading through some of the blogs, and I came across one that talked about feeling good no matter what. It spoke about how people are supposed to be your friends and how we should evoke the good in one another. Life is supposed to be fun..on and on.

This is a lovely thought but as I sat pondering it I wondered. If you live your life always trying to feel good, no matter what happens, always being “happy”, do you even know what you’re feeling after a while. Do you learn to express yourself this way, or are you merely stuffing those emotions that should be expressed? After I read it again, I found myself becoming annoyed. It was telling me that it was not ok to feel if it wasn’t good. Much of my life was spent stuffing emotions and that is something difficult to unlearn.

Positive thought is a wonderful thing and it can transform your life, I am a true believer in this. Using it, however, as a shield against life, will only serve to keep us from moving toward a depth of emotion where we can recognize true happiness and not a sugarcoated imitation.

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