Things That Go Bump In the Night

This fascinating topic came up this morning, so I thought I would put down some the experiences I have had over the years with homes and haunting. I am very open about it, but I understand those who cannot embrace it. My oldest son, who experienced the presence of things at our first home, cannot deal with it now and prefers to think it isn’t there.  It is a most unsettling feeling at times but most often one that is not malevolent in any way. Movies and media have made this a terrifying thing to many and that is unfortunate.  

 Our first home, the one my two oldest kids grew up in, had someone we chose to call “Harold” in it. It seemed that house was filled with a certain chaos after we moved in and did not bode well for relationships of any kind. The people who lived there split and sold it to us and my ex and I split shortly thereafter. I don’t blame the split on the house, and in fact should probably be happy if it in any way hastened it,  but that’s another story for another day.   I stayed there for many years as it was a nice area. Harold would take things, knock on doors, turn lights on and off and basically just do silly stuff. My kids were much more aware of the presence, and told me years later that they would run up the basement stairs as they were uneasy and felt something was following them. It just annoyed the heck out of me and I came to demand things back and we reached an understanding I guess. There was occasionally other energy around and at holidays it would peak. My daughter moved her room to the basement when she was older, and experienced trouble with her electronics on a regular basis, something that will be affected by a presence of energy. My fathers home had little of this and I don’t remember much from when I was a child. 

When we moved to our home where we currently live, we were not really tuned into anything as we were just so happy to be here. I don’t know when it all began,  but it seems to have started around Halloween, a time when the the veil between the worlds is said to be very thin. Since that time I have experienced pranks, child types of behaviors, closeness and malevolence. As another poster put it earlier today, some spirits choose to stay, for whatever reason and removing them, especially malevolent ones, can be a difficult task at best.

Most of my life I have had some sort of awareness of things around me. This has intensified as I have gotten older, something that surprised me. These things come to me in different ways but I rarely see anything. I will however, relate my experience the other day. I had gotten up from a nap and came downstairs to the computer. In front of me and covering the left hand side of the room was a white mist. I looked for a minute wondering if my eyes were still goofy from sleep. I sat down and it continued.  I don’t remember feeling anything specific with it just seeing a thick white mist. I called out a name, really silly, as the person I called for wasn’t there, but I felt a bit uneasy. I rarely see anything so to see this in front of me was unsettling.  It then started to disappear and as I turned my head I saw something  out of the corner of my eye. Then it was gone. I have no idea who was here or why. Apparently it wasn’t expecting anyone to come down to the lower level.  Whether my experiences are now changing and I will see more things I don’t know. My way has been to feel things and quite frankly I’ve been more than satisfied with that. 

I’m always concerned when I see people go looking for it, those who play with summoning spirits and such. Why anyone would do this is beyond me. I’ve never had the need to do this as they seem to find me.  Be careful what you wish for I always say, you might get it.  Where one spirit comes so might another.  The spirit world is real one that moves around us day by day. Each of us has a different awareness one that can change as we grow. It is a world of connection, of deep feeling and emotions.  Let it rest gently undisturbed.



One thought on “Things That Go Bump In the Night

  1. I enjoyed the read. I fully understand what you are talking about. I am a empath, i read strong emothions and feelings. There have been time when i was alone that out the corner of my eye i would see the shadow or profile of a person that was not around. when i turn to look directly at it, it vanishes. i have even had one instance where the figure ran when i looked towards it. My shaman tells me that it was my guardian spirit, mainly because the instances happened at work, but no where else. I am not sure if i believe that it was my guardian spirit because my spirit is a wolf not a person…..

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