The last couple of days have been very reflective for many people. It seems those around me are turning deep inside and taking stock of where they are and where they are going.  It made me wonder a bit where the planets might be that this would seem such a strong theme for so many. It also seems to have caused a restlessness for others, a lack of direction. Sometimes that can be the beginning of things that are about to change, at least this is how it seems to affect me.

It’s been almost a year now since the person I was, started changing. and things that I had trouble explaning started happening. Looking back, and I was doing that during the night,it’s all pretty amazing. As I have said in the past, this was not something I was looking for, it was something that found me for whatever reason. One day, out on my trail, something just happened and that was the beginning,  almost as if something flipped a switch and said, this is who you are, did you not know? Since that time I have undergone so much change in many ways, but still have much more ahead of me. When I look back at what has happened in the last year, I can only wonder what is coming in the year ahead. There is an urgency in me now, one that is pulling me forward to discover and explore more. My direction is anything but firm and I leave myself open to all things around me. I started out, of course, firm on one path, becoming more and more uncomfortable with it, as I realized it was not a fit. Now I know I need to explore so much more, but then that’s the interesting part. Discovering who you are certainly takes time and certainly it took me long enough to start this process. Still, better late than never.Most of my life I have been fiercely independent, not that I was given much choice. Now that some years have past, I find that though I am still independent, I long for someone to take care of things,  perhaps take care of me, if just for a little while. I have not had that longing before and I am surprised by it.  Also even though my journey is far from over, suddenly I don’t have the same comfort level to “fly by the seat of my pants” as I was so comfortable doing for so long.   Funny how we change over time.   Still I look forward to what is to come and wonder why now I am being guided so strongly to take a trip that has seemed out of my reach for so long.  It excites me, makes me nervous and almost haunts me with pictures of things I see in my mind. 

These are big changes, these ones that are coming, ones that will lead, I think, to greater understanding of the events that have happened this past 12 months and the ones that are yet to come. 


One thought on “Reflections

  1. In and through.. One of the greatest things missing in the religions of Abraham was the deep need within us for process work. We can all be controlled by our emotions for a time, but then something inside us, be it conciseness or soul, calls to us like the seed, to grow, through the darkness into the light. Welcome to in and through…
    It is a recurring journey that equips you with everything you need, not for want of wonder but for want of wander.

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