A Blog By Any Other Name….

It seems I may be entering the world of blog overload again.  I thought I had cleared up this issue but, like anything, it seems it continues to grow.  There is this one and my Love Letters blog. There is the travel blog that I plan on dumping for now, as it is too much and I can put all of my thoughts here.  

My blogger accounts are closed, I did manage to accomplish that, though I almost winced as I hit the delete button.  My Live Journal is also closed.  I have another blog site and it is a very social one. It has turned into a bit of a forum like atmosphere in the past couple of days and I’m hoping that it doesn’t stay that way. I have left all forums and groups primarily as it seemed they were nothing more than a venue for those who like display their bad behavior behind the disguise of a call name.  No, not all those who go to groups and forums are like this, however, my experiences have not been good.  That blog echos this site but in more casual social manner. There are things I don’t post there as it’s more  of a day to day “hi how are you” thing.

There was the hope of starting some creative writing. I’ve gotten so far as an introduction, sad isn’t it, and have gone no further.  I find creative writing is a terrible commitment. Once started you are planted firmly in a direction. I can’t decide, therefore, which way to take my story, as I know once the first part is written, there is no turning back. I have gotten closer over the past few days and hope to churn something out one of these long quiet nights.  

I’m thinking it’s time to thin again, not here mind you. Here is where I put most of the things deep within myself.  I’ve duplicated Love Letters on that site, but it doesn’t get the same response and in fact I get the feeling it makes some uncomfortable.   It’s funny on the social blog how it turns into small talk but at the same time you are restricted in some funny way and find that you hold back, rather than digging deep.  Why is that I wonder?

At any rate, I’m running on about nothing so I’m back to the music, having a bit of a Bryds revival, and delete buttons, here I come.  


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