Afternoon in PC Land

As my work week approaches, I realize I am not ready. I need another night off to recuperate from the last one. Unfortunately I’m hording my time off for travel, so it’s to work I go. Perhaps it will be a good thing, taking my mind off things for a bit.

The later morning was spent sleeping, as I was up all to early for one who works nights. Then it was figuring out what happened to my system last night while I was in bed. The entire thing was crashed when I got up this morning. I couldn’t get online, my virus scanning was disabled and it was just plain a mess. My sense of panic at that moment was great. I did, obviously get back on and things are now working again. Still I’m going to have to hand things over to my oldest son’s partner who fixes computers for fun. Yes, I am very lucky. He will clean it and upgrade everything as he did last year when we moved. My youngest son’s little friend appears to be a budding hacker and did some screwing around with things last night. This particular son of mine can’t lie, so told me everything that he knew. Apparently for starters this kid set the date to 2099 on my system, just to see what would happen. What else he did I can’t be sure. I received a link to change my windows password this afternoon, per my request. Considering I hadn’t requested it I found that a bit disturbing. I know there was a light on in the night and I should have checked it out. I did go to the top of the stairs and it appeared to be the light leading to the lower level(here). I’m wondering now what was going on. My son was sleeping, I saw him and quite frankly he doesn’t have the tech skills to do anything like this. The computer will now be locked down if this kid comes over again, something that at this moment is doubtful.

For now I am able to function and I’m hoping it stays that way. I’m fortunate to have access to people who can rescue me should I have issues. It’s amazing how much this plays a part in our lives and the friends we make all over the world. We take it for granted  and when it’s suddenly gone  it’s a horrible feeling of being cut off from so much.  Perhaps I need to get out more. 



4 thoughts on “Afternoon in PC Land

  1. I so enjoy reading your musings, they always make me introspective, make me smile, make me sigh. I took in a troubled teen this summer and had to lock out my computer from him as he loved the porn stuff.(???) But I did it openly and explained that was not what I wanted my computer used for. He resented it , but was surprised I just didn’t “go behind his back” like his folks. It makes me realize that the open discourse we have with our children promotes their openness with us.
    I also wanted to comment on your longing for company, does it seem to ebb and flow? Do you have days, even weeks that you truly are the Hermit? Then for no apparent reason there is a pull for human connections? I often wonder if it isn’t tied to the moon in some way or the seasons… just a thought.
    I will miss your blogs when you go traveling, but I hope your journeys bring you what you need.

  2. I have had issues with this kid before. I have to wonder if he’s one of those who would take everything apart. He just can’t seem to keep his hands out of trouble when he is on my pc. Therefore he will be locked out to avoid future issues.
    As far as company I don’t normally need a great deal of it, but I seem to need it right now. I like people and I enjoy company, but I can take it or leave it. I’ve always been that way. I think I just need to have someone who will truly listen perhaps someone who would understand me. I’m not sure that person is out there. I don’t tend to attract these types, perhaps it’s the caregiver in me. I’m always caring for others. I’ve got all of these things inside right now and they are overflowing. There are those who listen and then try to “help.” Usually that help ends up being more detrimental than anything. I’m guilty of wanting to help, it’s a nurse thing. So I’m training myself to shut up and listen when someone just needs to talk. I can’t say that this need goes with any cycle I just think it’s time.
    As far as missing my blog, it was my greatest hope to keep a running blog while I am traveling. I think a live blog of my wanderiings would be great fun. We shall see as a laptop is pretty much out of the question right now.

  3. I am thrilled to hear that you will continue to blog on your travels! What a wonderful idea! I hope that it works out!~ I will be checking in….!
    I used to be more of a people person, though not a care giver as yourself. Life and lessons have, as you said made me more cautious of people , of getting hurt again. I have also been a “take em or leave em” kind of company person. I have been told that my newest home is a sanctuary of sorts. It invites a certain amount of calmness, not only to me, but to my infrequent visitors. I noticed that as of late I have been wishing for some of my more distant friends, those across the pond , and those over the mountain would come by for tea and conversation. I don’t get this “needy” often. It almost feels cyclic to me, and when i saw the same feelings in your post I just wondered if it was something in the air.
    I want to tell you, but not sound preachy or strange, that listening is so hard for so many people. I notice that ( younger) visitors to my home get very anxious because i don’t have TV. I think that we have sort of programed our brains to take snippets of constant stimuli, but so many of us are starved for true conversation,starved to be heard… Be gentle with yourself, it’s hard not to want to help, especially if you’ve been down that road. ( doubly hard when you’re a mom and nurse who wants to make things better, smoother easier…!)Thanks for sharing…

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