More Things That Go Bump In The Night

Some days ago I wrote a post that talked about a white mist I had seen one day in this very room. At the time of that experience, my cats started sitting by one of the vents in the living room. I thought at the time that perhaps a rodent had gotten in but that didn’t turn out to be the case. They don’t sit by there every day but some days they are glued to the spot.

I have not seen this mist since that first day. Last night my son went into the living room from this room. When he entered he saw again, white, over in the area of the vent. It left quickly upon his arrival.  At the time of the first vent activity with the pets, my daughter had told me there was a crack in the ceiling below where the vent was located. As I was blogging I remembered and looked behind me. There indeed was about a two foot crack in the ceiling, almost a cut like mark.  

How the vent, the crack and the white mist are related, I really can’t say. I know that something is with us in our home. It is not malevolent in any way, and appears to be curious and rather shy. I have felt things at times, when I sit here writing. Sometimes it’s a touch on the hair, sometimes it’s a touch on the face or arm, all very soft. Again it’s not alarming just very gentle and it never feels alarming.

 Someone with more experience in these things told me that a white mist is as close to materializing as a spirit can come without actually showing themselves. I’m wondering if we will ever see a person and if we do, if I can remain calm.  I’m hoping that I get the opportunity to find out more but as these things go, you can never tell.  




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