And The Beat Goes On

Tonight I’ve been visiting blogs listed on blogroll. I hadn’t done this in quite a few days and felt I should catch up. My social blog was unavailable and my friends there, from across the pond, fast asleep.

As I went from blog to blog, I found myself amazed again at some of the blogs here. Some of these ,  blogs are beautiful, works of art that fill us with just a glance. Some are of different faiths, faiths I’ve had little exposure to, weaving their poetry as they go along a spiritual path. It’s amazing how much things cross over from faith to faith, but we are often too angry at one another to realize it. Some are stirring and poetic, some filled the work from the writers pen. Some are reflections into the soul and some  are  this and that blogs filled with the toughts of  every day life. One I recently found has killer recipies. I can’t go there very often,

 As I journeyed through my blog roll I clicked on one of the first that I had added. It was written by a young man, so young I was blown away when I found out his age. He was 14 at the time, the same age as my youngest son.  His vision and insight into the world was stunning at times, while other times I was reminded of the inner self of the teen. He told me I “rocked” and I was flattered more than he will ever know.   Tonight when I clicked on the link, his blog was gone. I clicked about three times hoping there was an error, but there was not. He is young and certainly he has things to do. One of those things I hope he does is to  continue to explore the world of writing. His talents were there already, at such a tender age.  

It’s such an emotional weekend for me, and now I feel like a little piece of me is gone.  It’s silly I’m sure, but I bonded with this kid in some way,  and now who knows where the road will take him. May it always bring him good things.  So the beat of life goes on, I guess, people drifting on and off our paths and  in and out of our lives.


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