The Passage of Time

Today I walked to the lake with my son and the dog. We’ve been making a habit of it lately, since his friend has been out of town.  It’s good to have the time together and the dog is relishing the outings. It was very still and peaceful today, the water almost like glass except for the ripple from the gentle breeze. There were strong storms last night and they cut the power to the beach, so the usual visitors that crowd the lake on a warm summer’s day were absent.

As we walked the path to the lake I could see the first of the leaves falling and the occasional burst of red from the sumac, already starting to change.  The end of summer approaches and fall is right around the corner. I love fall, it’s my favorite season, with the brilliant colors, warm days and cool nights. There is something about it that has always felt just right to me. Still the summer has gone so fast it seems.  There are many more warm days to be had and I plan on enjoying each one. The time spent with my son, who at fourteen still likes to be seen with his mom, is something that will be a good memory.

It seems, especially when we are busy, that time passes by us almost in the blink of an eye. As I get older I know now what my parents meant.  It seems I notice the change of season with a new awareness, each day marking a time in my life that will never return, but a time moving forward that is yet to be discovered.

It doesn’t make me sad, this passage of time, as I have been fortunate, at least in the past year,  to find so many things I was missing.  To me this life is turning into quite an adventure bringing a past together with the present, one that will perhaps follow me when I move on.  Who knows what comes with each day, if we knew, that bad ones might make us give up.  What then would we miss but the people and things waiting to find us on the journey through this thing called life.



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