Today is a much better day. The administrators at the other blog site are watching my tormentor closely. He/she/whomever became more civil briefly with a benign post, only to ad more nasty verbiage to their profile this morning. It was put there to provoke me no doubt, but will not get the desired response. All comments are closed to their blog, in the true spirit of cowardice.

It’s all very amusing now if not a bit pathetic. My legs are back under me once again, and I am no longer shaken by these attempts to unnerve me. I will admit, yesterday, it left me reeling. I sat and explored this at length with myself last night and if nothing else this person helped me to realize that there are things still bothering me, things from my past I thought I had moved beyond. Why else would this have bothered me so. Even nasty people can help you along your path it seems.

My past contains a long history of emotional abuse especially at the hands of men. I do not hate men, so don’t expect a man hating rant. There are a great many delightful men in this world. I just chose badly. However, when this person, in the guise of a man, started in on me and invalidated all of my feelings it really hit me hard. I realized not only did I feel bad, but before the day was out, I had given him all the power and backed down into my little shell of hurt. Fortunately before the night was over I came back out stronger for my experience and thankful that I was able to look within and grow from what was an unpleasant experience.

Today is brighter and more beautiful. This person is fast shriveling in their little world of hate. Without an audience or a victim, where can they go but down.


2 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Goldenferi,

    I stumbled upon your site from foxchild’s. I’ve experienced something similar to what it sounds like you have. Coming back out of that shell after realizing you’ve ended up there is an act of great strength. Many blessings to you!


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