Some time back I took one of those quizzes, what is the color of your soul, or something like that. When finished I was surprised to end up brown. I sat reading my description as earthy and had never thought of myself that way at all. I wanted to be red, or pink or something “prettier.”

Yesterday I went for a long walk with my son and the dog. We took some new turns and discovered more trails. These trails led into wooded areas, all green and misty from the shadows and rain of the day. As we walked I wanted to capture it all on camera this quiet beauty, still but for the soft sounds of a late summers day. As I sat and thought about it I realized yes, the color of my soul is brown. This is where I find my peace and contentment. This is where I can really listen and where I renew the energy that fills me. The color brown is like the earth, filled with all of nature that surrounds us. What could be more beautiful than that.

2 thoughts on “Colors

  1. Nice post, I enjoyed reading it. Nature’s sights and sounds are very powerful.

    If you have the time I’d like you to check out a program I created – it lets you create your own relaxing music using nature sounds. Then you can listen to the music while you sit at the computer. It’s sort of my way of escaping to nature while I’m in the city.

    You can check out the program here: My Nature Sounds Mixing Board

  2. The color brown may not be conventionally beautiful. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t still rich and delicious. Think about all the things that come in brown, in all of its tantalizing tints and shades. Coffee, chocolate, brown sugar, molasses, tea, bread. And those are just some of the ones we can savor through taste. There are so many other variations that we experience sensually. The color of an animal’s fur, the freshly turned earth, the bark of a tree, the heart of a sunflower.

    No, brown may not be a conventional beauty, but it is one worth experiencing as a whole. Looking at it in that light, it kind of makes pink look a little pale, don’t you think?

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