Perfect Life

Sometimes I wonder how we make it from day to day, with all of the things we go through, the ups and downs, the doubts and worries. It seems like everything is just going along nice and smooth and then we hit the bumps in the road that throw us into these places. I’ve been there for the past few days. It’s not been the easiest but it’s coming around. It seems like once the first negative emotion gets a grip, the others just follow. Perhaps it is because we open ourselves with worry to all of the things that are waiting to make their way to us. It sure seems to work that way with me.  As I go through this period filled with doubts I know things will come out alright in the end. They always do, but it’s difficult to remember that when your stomach is tied in a knot.

Today I took the time to sit down and ask for a little clarity and some other things. It’s amazing how much it helped and how much better I feel now. It’s not a skill I’ve honed over the years, this asking for what I need thing. I need to do it more. Things are not perfect, but then life isn’t perfect, at least for most of us, and each of us would have a different idea of what perfect would be.

For me, as a long time single mom, I guess security would be the number one thing, not riches, I don’t need riches, just enough to be secure. Then love, just someone to love me. He’s out there, I feel him all the time. I just wish he was here. Other than that, my kids and good health for all of us would be enough. It’s never taken too much to make me happy. For now I have some of it, and I’m very fortunate when I look at others in this world.

Of course, if that perfect life should happen to come my way, I’ll not voice any objections.

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