Have you ever noticed when you’re in one of “those moods” nothing funny seems to come on the television.  The last couple of days I’ve been besieged with movies that did nothing to bring a laugh or dry a tear.  Some of it, of course, is summer programming, enough to make the strongest man cry. Usually when I’m in this mood, I’m blessed with Tristan and Isolde, filled with beautiful music, beautiful scenery, beautiful poetry and well..acting. 

Normally, I’m not a huge television watcher. I love movies but that is about it. Last night I turned on “The Break Up” out of desperation. I figured Vince Vaughn could force a laugh from me if all else failed. The first few minutes were funny, and then it was a showcase of how vile two people could be to one another.  This culminated in a failed patch up at the end, no doubt caused by too much “water under the bridge.” It felt horrible.  I know I watched something else as well, as I couldn’t sleep. It must have been memorable.

Tonight I rented a movie on pay per view, desperate thing that I am.   I watched “The Painted Veil.”  I’d rather not spoil another movie for those who haven’t seen it. It was moving and tender and I won’t say another word. It is worth a watch if you don’t mind something not action packed.  It didn’t do much to dry my tears, but at least I was left with something of love.  

My heart is a bit tender right now, not because I just suffered some horrible fate in love. It just has been feeling the stress of a long couple of weeks and it needs nurturing as do I.  As we go through life, many of us nurture others but so often fail to find it for ourselves. Perhaps we forget about it as we stay busy with the tasks of day to day living. It has a way of catching up to us, reminding us that we must all make sure our heart and souls are nurtured.  Without it we walk through life with a silent heartbeat.

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