Getting Up and Dusting Off

It’s been a bit of a struggle the past couple of weeks. It seems as if things have been coming at me from all sides. These were not just the ordinary things of day to day life, but were personal attacks mounted by those who clearly wish to hurt me. I’m no perfect person by any means, and some of the things said were probably not undeserved. However, after being name called and accused unjustly of things, I was ready to crawl away and never be heard from again.

As I sat pondering all of it, all things negative started to creep in on me, as they do when I get sidetracked in this way. Fortunately things are turning around and I know that I will make it, no matter what others would choose to do. I’m working on my tender heart and spirit, knowing it needs to toughen up a bit against the world. I’ve always been quite sensitive and things cut me too easily.

Things that seemed out of reach now seem within my grasp again and I am determined to move forward. I am still a bit swept away with emotion but those emotions have changed and I feel myself drifting into a place filled with beautiful intensity. Perhaps it is the energy of the coming full moon that is filling me, or perhaps it is the love, that one I can’t explain, reaching from the shadows, walking by my side. Those things deep within me tell me it’s both.

For those who would work against me, they will look but see only themselves standing alone.

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