Night Lights

Last night I had hoped to work by the light of the moon. Unfortunately it was under the clouds. Still the energy that came with the full moon and the energy following the eclipse was still present. 

Earlier in the day I had prepared those things I was to work with and I had hoped to do some gentle workings more in the area of affirmations than anything else.  As I sat here last night firing off an email in response to a post elsewhere, I took notice of my one cat sitting in the utility room. She had been there the previous night as well. My first thought was “oh no, not another wee mouse that has made it’s way inside.”  She is fast and accurate and I knew if there was a mouse it was doomed. Yes I am tenderhearted and was not in the mood to witness her work. As I watched her, her gaze followed the walls and ceiling and I knew at once it could not be a mouse.  As I watched I nearly jumped out of my chair as a small light flew past the doorway of the room.  Now, I feel things all the time. I’ve admitted to that. I sense when things are close.  Seeing things, however, is something different to get used to.  Other than the white mist, I have seen nothing and have been quite content to leave it that way. 

The cat proceeded to run into the main room where I was sitting and follow the wall. I did my best to remain calm and proceeded with my workings lighting the room with candles. I saw the light two more times, in the left side of the room.  Who or what was here, I don’t know. It remains here today. The cats are poised by one side of the room and have been there for four hours.  There is nothing menacing about it and in fact it seems rather shy.  I have not seen anything since last night.

Whether this is something new that is changing with me, I can’t be sure.  It would seem that my ability to perceive things is shifting. Perhaps it was just the moon and the events that took place surrounding it. If it is a shift, I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I  suppose I’ll cultivate it like all things and move forward. 



2 thoughts on “Night Lights

  1. Hi Joy!
    I have been absolutely swamped as of late but you should always know that you are in my thoughts. I fully agree with you on being uneasy when our “five” senses become engaged in what our sixth sense tells us. It is very scary. I think that the fear is an acceptance of the respect that must be given to such things. I experienced an auditory sensation once in India, late night under the stars, in the desert. A sound traveled through the air, I could hear it from afar and was curious but when the sound seemed to enter into my head for a few moments I was paralyzed. The area is known by the locals to have a spirit of a camel who died of hunger nearby and there are many cases of that spirit making itself known.

    Scary, for sure. Your cats will most likely be your medium, and if they are not bothered or scared, you shouldn’t be either.

    As always wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

    Be well, my friend!

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