Sleep Writing

Morning, before I sleep is the time of day when I often find myself filled with thoughts that fall easily onto the page. Perhaps it is the fatigue, setting a part of me free without care and I can just drift into the places that would otherwise escape me.

This morning was one of those times when the emotions and thoughts came together in words that poured from me onto the page. Often I look back and wonder where those words come from. It’s as if a stranger writes through me and I wake from sleep to find something they have left behind.

Sleep calls at those times but the words will not wait, for once they escape me they travel to a place never to be retrieved again. So there I sat this morning, eyes closing, writing the words as best I could, knowing I could shape them once awake. I wish I could learn to free myself and let myself fall away from the things around me more easily. It’s amazing what you can discover.



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