This morning is cool and breezy. It’s much more like early October than early September. I know there will be more warm days ahead as this is how fall goes. September has been unusually chilly but the cool air felt good at bedtime.  For the first time, however, it feels like summer has passed me by too quickly. Perhaps it is the unsettled feeling that seems to come with the fall equinox. 

Still the days are mine again, at least for the moment, and I hope to get back to working on things that have fallen by the wayside. One of those things is meditation. I plan to start this today. It is a skill that allows you to listen and hear things you might otherwise miss. I’ve been away from it for far too long.

My lake calls today as well, the place where I can go and speak the words deep in my heart, and my heart is full of words that need be spoken. It is my own quiet place, one that seems to hear the words as they pour from me.  It is a place of peace for me, and one where I feel those who guide me walking by my side.  As I sit today, speaking my heart to the wind and the water,  perhaps that voice from my heart will speak to me as well.


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