Thoughts On My Week

I’ve spent the last week off work, the first time I’ve taken an actual vacation in a very long time.  I wish it could have been a vacation away just myself but it is not in the cards at this moment.  The week has rushed by though I still have more days coming.  

After this week I am more determined to get away and travel. I know it will be a bit before this can happen,  but I also have felt the effect freedom has had on my writing. As the week progressed I began to unfold, and I started writing, really writing for the first time. It was not fiction as I thought would be my direction, but more  a story about me if you will.  I’ve only just begun, the most recent part making it’s way out first, but I have the foundation now in my mind and I hope to start working away at more of it. Perhaps as it develops I will spin it into some sort of fiction but for now I’m not sure. 

Another thing I noticed was how very tired I was. The negative energy that was filling my world away from home has apparently been taking it’s toll. Along with that has been the start of school, a schedule that screws up my sleep patterns beyond recognition. My body is up late and up early and really isn’t quite sure what it’s doing.

The new moon has been filled with emotion as yesterday it moved into Scorpio. I’ve felt those emotions in others, lots of anger and turmoil. Myself I’ve been filled more with love and tenderness, powerful positive emotions. Last night I put those emotions to play and used the power of the day to send those emotions out into the quiet of the night. They must have been much more powerful than I realized as today I feel the effects of my efforts.  

The day calls me with the sun and crisp feel of autumn. I hope to walk the trail where I can always find those who walk with me in spirit. Perhaps a few wildflowers will still be there after the frost, a last trace of summer.  

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