Last night I had a strong presence about me. It came not unwelcome but much needed. I knew at once that it was the person I had been thinking of as I have always known since the first time his energy came to me. It was powerful and filled me with love and tenderness. It seems the last few days I am opening myself more to the things that are trying to reach me. Perhaps it is that freedom of self that has come from being absent from the workplace and the stress that has come with it, I don’t know. It was the most vivid and strong visit I have had from this person in quite some time, and I could talk to him as if he were sitting next to me. I guess he was in a sort of way.

I’ve seen the freedom of the last few days help me unfold not only with my writing but with my connections to all things around me. It calls me in an even stronger voice telling me I must travel, making a journey alone that will unlock a part of me that is waiting there. Perhaps, for now,  that travel will be no more than the journeys I take when I close my eyes and walk those paths I find there.

Soon I hope I will journey to other places, those that I had hoped to find this fall. Those places call to me, as they have since I was a young girl. They hold the key, I think, to a part of me I wait to find.


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