My time off has gone so fast, I wish I had another month to just rest, think and write. There has been a freedom with this time, something that has allowed me to get back in touch with many things. This reconnection has helped me view the path I have been on and see what might be ahead. There is a much stronger sense of something out there now, something calling me.

I’ve made some new friends and had some new inspirations, inspirations that let me know I am on the right path with at least some things, and to keep pursuing this writing thing. I was perusing Myspace, and found my writing posted, this time referenced. It’s quite a feeling, when you find your words posted and you realize the name underneath those words is yours. Yesterday I was asked to review a piece of work that had been written by a new friend,  some time past. It had been published in a magazine at that time and he wanted to post it as “a soul cleansing exercise.” When he posted it he said he had closed it to all but the six people he valued most. I sat there stunned, wondering what I had done to earn such a place. It was an emotional piece, moving and well written to be sure, about the loss of a child and what his family experienced after this loss. I was honored that he would share something so precious and personal with me.

There are things pulling at me to go, and a tranquility that lets me stay. There are creative things opening in me that I never knew were there. With that has come a willingness to open myself to be able to use them. There have been affirmations of the heart, things I can’t describe here and have them make any sense, but something that fills me with a love so strong there can be no question of it.

Where life will continue to lead me I don’t know. I have to think there is more waiting and I am just at the beginnings of my path. There will be bad days and good, as it is with life, but I know now that those things that walk with me will be there pushing me forward, while keeping me in their embrace.


One thought on “Affirmations

  1. This is a beautifully written piece. You have a way with words that connect to something deep inside. I hope that where ever the road takes you, you have a pen and paper handy.

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