Discovering the Divine

Once again I find myself in a quiet phase, unable to write the words that are spinning inside of me. I’ve been thinking about many things all night, the central topic being “who am I?” It’s not quite as global as the question sounds. Who am I is centered more around my beliefs when it comes my pagan self.

I’m not sure what triggered these thoughts. Perhaps it was the debate that got started elsewhere, again, over pagan history, specifically pagan celebrations, and whether they were tied to old practices or the neo pagans of recent years. This is a no win debate, one that seems to be growing in intensity.  Some will choose to continue the debate and this is good. We always need those who pursue history in search of truth. Myself, I love history but my energy is not for debates.  At this time I just choose to be.

After some thought, it seems for me the divine comes from within, it is part of us, something we find for whatever reason. Perhaps we choose to look deep within ourselves, or that which is hidden deep within, chooses to find us. We can embrace whatever external things we might find along the way, whatever speaks to us, but without the force from within, it will ring hollow.  It is not religion that I embrace, for I have never claimed to be a religious person. That’s another debate for yet another day. What I have is a spiritual connection, one that feels the earth around me and the elements that are a part of it.  There is also a strong tie to the moon within me and here I walk with the Goddess, “The Queen of the Night.”

Today is the Autumn Equinox, and so I acknowledge this day, because it is part of the earth, the changing tide of the seasons. The energy inside us shifts and we move with those changing tides though we might not see it.

All of us on this earth, no matter what path we choose to follow, are tied to the earth’s energies. They walk with us whether we have an awareness of them or not.   If we open ourselves and feel the divine that waits within, we can embrace this earth, and realize that we are not so different, not really, from those who walk here with us.



Queen of the Night: Rediscovering the Celtic Moon Goddess (Paperback)
by Sharynne MacLeod NicMhacha




One thought on “Discovering the Divine

  1. This was a lovely post…. Much like you, I am not a religious person. Rather, I have allowed myself the freedom to explore and embrace any practice from any ‘faith’ which meets my requirements for some very simple things:

    1. Advocates care of the Earth and her creatures (including humans :)…)
    2. Non-violent and peace loving
    3. Non-judgemental
    4. Tolerant, giving, and compassionate.

    In a word – if it helps me to develop into a more loving person, then I’m all about it! And here’s what I’ve found…whether it’s using ‘tools’ to help me connect with the Divine Energy (i.e., books, cards, stones, candles, words) – or whether I chose to go inward, connecting through meditation and prayer (indoors or out in nature), the important thing is that I connect.

    As I’ve travelled along, my methods and beliefs have morphed and evolved with me. For this reason, I chose not to label myself any more by any one practice – whether it be Pagan, Buddhist, Kabbalahist, or Christian.

    I would rather be known by the Love that is manifested in my life – not how it came to be…

    Namaste, Sister.

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