Moving In Rhythm

Once again the full moon is approaching, tomorrow to be exact.  It almost got past me but the energy I feel is unmistakable.  I am truly a child of the moon, enchanted by an  energy that sways me like to the rhythm of it’s quiet music.

There is something so beautiful about the night sky with the light of the full moon shining down.  This time, for the Harvest Moon, I would really like to embrace that beauty by the water, sitting on the dock. The light of the moon, reflected on the water, surrounded by the quiet sounds of the night, what could be better?  Still I am enough of a realist to know sitting alone out by a lake in the dark might not be the wisest of choices.  Sometimes I long for a simpler time when a person could do this without worry of those who might not honor the reasons that would guide me to the waters edge.

Perhaps those things that come from within will still guide me there and I can sit under the moon with the spirits of the earth by my side. If not, I know they are not far and if I call them to me, they will answer.

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