Moon Gazing

It’s a beautiful evening. I just returned home from a walk with my son and the dog. The moon is absolutely breathtaking, all white, lighting up the sky with occasional wisps of clouds floating like lace over the surface.

We were actually going to try for the lake as it was so pleasant. The dog, however, had other ideas. She normally loves our late evening walks and almost runs ahead of us to get down the road. Tonight however, she was slow, stopping and sniffing almost everything. She seemed reluctant to go further toward the meadow and simply sat down in the road dead weight. She is a basset hound so dead weight with her means you go nowhere. We finally threw up our hands and turned around, heading for home. She was still edgy and wanted to go up the hill that shortcuts through our little “woods.” The rain that came earlier had turned that trail into mud so that was out of the question. We finally coaxed her home with the offer of toasted marshmallows, her favorite. I don’t know what she picked up on tonight, as it seemed a lovely evening to be enjoyed. Whatever the case, there is no arguing with a hound that large.

The walks with my son are always good, as we talk and talk. It’s amazing how much you learn when find moments of quiet with your kids. I know now I need to buy some kind of cabinet for my candles and such. I do stack them in a corner when I’m not using them and I have an old piano bench, that opens for storage. Still his one friend has very very wrong ideas about what it is I do, fueled no doubt by the movie industry and junior high school “urban legends.” He is given to a bit of exaggeration as it is and tells tales that are one day going to land him in hot water and possibly a visit from social services to his door. Now he voiced concern, after seeing my ceremonial knives, yes they should have been put away, that I might be doing sacrifices. Trust me, you couldn’t sacrifice a stick of butter with those knives, they are purely for show. I don’t own any weapons, not one.

It was nice to think I had my own little place where I could do my thing, but I see now that I don’t. A locked cabinet will be my next purchase, something that I need for storage regardless. As far as what people think about me, well, all I can do is watch as Halloween approaches and the TV movie industry takes another stab at defining who I am to the world.

One thought on “Moon Gazing

  1. Your post reminds me of something that happened a long time ago. I was doing yard work with a couple other young men and we were finished and waiting for payment. The owner of the house called us to stand in the living room while he went to get us our money , his wife had given us each a glass of lemonade.We were standing there drinking quietly when the guy to my left took a step back and knocked several things off the mantle.( How clumsy teenage boys are!) anyway I bent over to help him get everything up and realized that what he had pitched over was a very modern Menorah. He was in the process of putting it back completely in the wrong way. So I tried to be helpful and place the shamash in the correct place, he started an argument with me that he didn’t think that was where it had been. I had to explain to him what the menorah was and why it needed to go back the way I placed it . He was mortified that I knew what this candle thing was and that I was a Jew .He spent the next year telling anyone who gave a spit. Teenagers tend to be self absorbed and mean to each other. I think it’s a jocking for position in the pecking order. Your son must be a really terrific kid not to complain to you that your “ruining his life” with your life choices. Your giving him invaluable lessons by living your life with openness and respect.

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