Day to Day

It’s a beautiful autumn day today, the trees are finally turning in earnest and leaves are falling for the first time.  The weather is sunny and skies are blue. That’s magical in itself, nothing more needed.

This has been one of those weekends filled with the everyday things of life. It’s been remarkably calm and enjoyable. This morning when I got home I noticed my son had left me a note. His hair finally got to him. I knew it would if I waited out his reluctance to visit the barber. Unfortunately he took matters into his own hands and it looks a bit like he had a visit from a 4 year old playing beauty shop. Now I’m scrambling to find a barber open on Sunday as today is lost.

Yet another mouse made it inside, was captured by my cats, rescued by my son, and re-released to the wild. He had to pry it from the jaws of the cat, a brave feat. We’ve had quite the invasion of mice this year and I’m not sure why.  There was not a one last fall. Thankfully I have three cats more than happy to welcome them in.  Mice are cute but I don’t want them in my home. The cats have  been working on the capture of this one for over  a week, standing vigil by the vents where it must have been traveling.  I’m sure my son is less than popular with them right now, taking their catch.  Not all the mice have been that lucky as we are not always around when they wander in.

Aside from those events, I found my son being wired to the front door by some neighbor boys(all in fun I assure you) and I saw that there was another massive beef recall as I was swallowing the last of my hamburger for breakfast.  

Still even in the midst of real life there are wonderful moments like looking at the moon this morning, wrapped in the mists of the dawn, or watching a fox come to the patio in the dark of night. Sometimes those moments, like today, are just the laughter of day to day life.

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