Coming and Going

Last night I was talking with a fellow blogger. I had not been to her blog for some days. She keeps a small flist as she prefers her independence. I respect that and she knows I will pop in and out to see what she has written. Some days I don’t quite get it, but other times when I read her it’s like an understanding that passes between us, despite the differences we may have. Yesterday was such a day. Her entry talked about people coming and going out of our lives, something I’ve experienced quite a bit lately. It talked about this being ok and that she could function without them, if they chose to go.

I started thinking about it and realized she was right. It is good to have people around for support, but some people are only on our paths for a short time. Maybe some of them will slow us on our path, at least for a while. As we talked I began to see, they are not holding us back, they are helping us see what we can do, by pushing through what they say we can’t. It’s the “opportunity to strengthen our convictions and to move forward.” These people are sent to us perhaps, to help us see. 

These people walk in and out of our lives, on and off our path. I have been tested in the past few months, many times. My beliefs and convictions have shifted, forming into a much clearer vision of who it is I might be. There are other beliefs that have stood the test and it has made me see now more than ever, that what I have experienced in these last months is very real.

In all honesty, I don’t care to think of life as one big lesson and everyone in it as a teacher. When I look at it this way, life loses it’s beauty and I wonder why we would continue on. I think it is important to live life and let ourselves love. Only then can we move forward. I have been told in so many words that it was my lot to do without in this life, that I must let go of things that will only walk out of my life. Now that I look back, I wonder that someone would say that to another person, taking dreams and hopes and putting in their place resignation to a life unfulfilled. Where is it written that we must suffer in this life to learn.

There will no doubt be more people sent to me as I wander through this life. They will help me grow strong, shaping me, sometimes unknowingly into the person I am becoming. There will also be those who stay by my side as well, walking with me and filling my world with light.


2 thoughts on “Coming and Going

  1. I am reminded of something Mother Wintermoon posted some weeks back, by Rev. T.D. Jakes. I read it years ago and it stuck with me, and when I re-read it on her site, I could (again) embrace the idea of people flowing in and out of our lives just like we flow in and out of others.

    While I do believe that each relationship we have comes with it’s own ‘reason’….I still believe that the primary reasons for relationships are about Love.

    Here is the link to her post:

    🙂 Namaste…and may you feel very loved today!

  2. I totally agree with your statement that we do not need to suffer to learn, but for me personally , I have had to go through some very dark times to really learn to appreciate and understand my own inner strengths. I also completely agree that if life was strictly about lessons, it would take the wonder, magick and mystery out of life.I am a sentient being, and in Living I always learn something, but it’s the awe, the simple light of love that I live for.

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