Beauty and Elegance

award.jpgToday I came in the door from work and found this waiting for me. What do I say to such a lovely thought? My thoughts and musings seen as blogging elegance was such a surprise.

It’s been almost a year now since I sat down and wrote my very first thing. I had just journaled my private thoughts up to that point, but had not actually put anything together. I remember the words. They were about love, not that this should come as a surprise to anyone. The other thing was about trying to understand each other in this world. They were not very good as they were my first attempts at writing anything, but it was a beginning. I remember at that time I had no blog. I was on several forums and posted some of it there to get some feedback. One of the forum owners, deleted it and left me a nasty email telling me perhaps I should start a blog, and so I ventured to Blogger. People cross our paths for various reasons, even the ones who would behave badly, or so it seems. After a time on blogger I found I was getting very little feedback. So one winters day I made the move here.

There are so many wonderful blogs out there and so many amazing writers. Some days it makes me feel way out of my league. Still I have this need deep down in me to keep writing and so I do. I’ve come so close to starting a new direction with it and I know one of these days I’ll make that turn. When it happens it will require more commitment and time, and I know my blogging activities will have to be restricted. This has been a wonderful thing for me, and as long as anyone comes here I will continue to write about my experiences. Writing those thoughts of my heart and soul gives me great satisfaction. To be rewarded for it with this and other awards I have received is something very special indeed.


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